Apply as a sperm or egg donor – and give life to the dream of a child

Becoming a donor can be a rewarding experience as you help families across the world who are in need of fertility treatment. Get compensated for your time and apply to become a Cryos donor today. 

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I became a sperm donor because by the time my wife and I wanted to have children of our own we needed to use a surrogate and an egg donor. There is a huge need for donors and that made me decide to make a difference in the world to help others.



Sperm and egg donors with Cryos

How to Become a Donor

Becoming a donor starts with the application. Once you complete the application you will be notified about your approval status. Once you are approved you will then visit one of our Cryos locations to complete an examination. Sperm and Egg donors have different donation processes and you can learn about them through the links below. 

Guide to Sperm Donor  Guide to Egg Donor


I became an egg donor because I have seen so many different perspectives of the egg donation process. I had worked with a woman who was going through the process herself and it was a wonderful thing to experience through her, she was elated to help a family and I just thought it was a beautiful thing that I want to be a part of.


Will I be compensated for my donation as an egg or sperm donor with Cryos? 

Yes! Both sperm and egg donors with Cryos are compensated for their time and energy. 

Sperm donors have the potential to make up to $720 per month and egg donors can make up to $5,500 per donation. 

Can my identification stay private as a donor? 

Yes! As a donor with Cryos, you have the choice to make your identification private. We understand that different individuals have different needs and will not disclose your information. 

Can I give out my identification? 

Yes! As a donor, you have the choice to release your identification so that future donor children can reach out to you once they turn 18. This is an option many people choose so future children can connect with their genetic origin. 

Do egg and sperm donors have paternity rights? 

No. As a donor, you do not need to worry about any paternal rights. By becoming a donor with Cryos International, you sign away any paternity rights and have no legal obligation to parent any child created by your donation.