Basic or Extended Profile

As a sperm donor, you must decide if you want to have a Basic or an Extended Profile. This applies regardless of whether you choose to be an Anonymous or Non-anonymous Donor. Deciding what type of sperm donor, you want to be is a personal decision that only you can make.

Sperm donors with a Basic Profile

Sperm donors with a Basic Profile are registered including only the following characteristics: Race, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, blood type and profession/education. If you choose to register with a Basic Profile, no further action or additional information is required. We will then register your characteristics at your first medical examination.

Basic or Extended Sperm Donor Profile

Sperm donors with an Extended Profile

Sperm donors with an Extended Profile are registered with additional details including background, physical characteristics, education, profession, personality, health and family history, photos, handwritten greeting, voice sample, staff impression, and emotional intelligence tests. If you choose to have an Extended Profile, you will complete an additional form after you have been approved for a medical examination.

You should include photos and a handwritten greeting with your form. The photos will preferably be from when you were between nine and twelve months. Later photos are also acceptable but only up to and including ten years of age. All files should include your ID Number in the file name. You personally deliver or send original photos (which will be returned) with your ID number written on the back. We will also record an audio file of you reading your handwritten greeting.

A staff impression is a brief subjective description of you, written by a staff member at your Cryos location.

Cryos also provides a financial bonus for an approved Extended Profile, including photographs, a handwritten greeting and an audio file.

You can decide which profile you want

What profile type you choose is entirely up to you. Please know that we are seeing an increased demand for non-anonymous sperm donors with an Extended Profile. For this reason, we are especially interested in hearing from candidates choosing these categories. If you are in doubt about which category to choose, you are welcome to call or come in for an informal chat.

If you choose to be registered with an Extended Profile, you cannot change to a Basic Profile at a later date or vice versa.

If you have any questions, please contact Cryos

If you have any questions, please contact us, by email or by telephone, at +45 8676 0699.