Anonymous or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor

At Cryos, you can choose to be an Anonymous or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor.

Whichever you choose to be, Anonymous Sperm Donor or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor, the choice is irreversible. This means that you cannot change your mind. Read along to know more about being a Non-anonymous or an Anonymous Sperm Donor.  

Anonymous or non-anonymous sperm donor

Anonymous Sperm Donor

If you choose to be an Anonymous Sperm Donor, Cryos will keep your identity hidden at all times. No one will ever be able to demand that Cryos releases your identity – neither parents, children, relatives, nor anybody else can get access to your identity. Likewise, you have to agree not to attempt to contact potential donor children. 

Non-anonymous Sperm Donor

Depending on the legislation of each country, children and parents may receive the donor’s contact information, if they can document or show in all likelihood that they are the outcome of treatment using donor sperm from a specific Non-anonymous Sperm Donor from Cryos.

Clinics or authorities in those countries that only allow Non-anonymous Sperm Donors, e.g. the UK, Australia, Finland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Germany normally demand to know the identity of sperm donors.
Before being approved, Non-anonymous Sperm Donors under age 25 must attend an interview to ensure candidate suitability. 

Cryos is obligated to store the identity of sperm donors for 30 years in accordance with ‘vævsloven’ (The Danish Tissue Act). 

Regardless on whether you choose to be an Anonymous or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor, it does not mean that you cannot be identified. Since donor sperm contains DNA, there will always be a chance that donors, recipients and children can be found via a DNA analysis, which means the protection of personal data cannot be guaranteed. However, Cryos does not forward your personal information.

In this video, you can learn more about the decisions you must make as a sperm donor at Cryos - for example if you want to be an anonymous or a non-anonymous donor:

Protected status against paternity

Regardless of whether you are an Anonymous or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor, and regardless of whether a health professional carries out the treatment, the law gives you protected status in all cases:

‘Børnelov ‘ (Danish Child Act), Section 28 Unless otherwise provided for by law, in accordance with Section 27, Section 27 a, para 1, or Section 27 b, a sperm donor is not considered to be the father of a child where his sperm was created in the case of assist reproduction, if the sperm is donated to a tissue centre that distributes sperm, a health professional or person who works under the responsibility of a health professional.

If you have any questions, please contact Cryos

If you have any questions, please contact us, by email or by telephone, at +45 8676 0699