Become a sperm donor

As a sperm donor, you help other people to achieve possibly their greatest wish in life. You also receive financial compensation when you donate sperm.

Nearly everyone dreams of becoming a parent. A lot of people need help in making the dream come true. As a sperm donor, you help other people to achieve their greatest wish in life, and you receive financial compensation when you donate sperm. At Cryos, you can receive up to DKK 500 per sperm donation – and all in all up to DKK 6,000 a month.

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Why become a sperm donor?

  • Because you can make a huge difference to other people’s lives, and help childless people to achieve their greatest wish in life
  • You will receive financial compensation for your donation – up to DKK 500 per donation
  • You will receive a regular health check, so you will know that you are healthy and well
  • The quality of your sperm will be tested, and you will be given advice as to how you can personally improve its quality

Listen to our three donors, Henrik, Jacob and Thomas explain why they are sperm donors.

Why choose Cryos as a sperm bank?

At Cryos, we have over 30 years of professional experience in sperm donation and we focus on high quality, safety and honesty. We place great emphasis on ensuring our donors have the correct basis for deciding whether to become sperm donors, and that they feel secure throughout the process. Learn more about our vision, mission and values here.

Your profile

As a sperm donor, you must be between the ages of 18 and 45, and in good general physical and mental health. In addition, we seek all types of men from all ethnic groups, races and nationalities.

If you would like to become a Non-anonymous Sperm Donor we would see this as a plus, since there is a big demand for sperm donated by Non-anonymous Sperm Donors. But naturally, we also seek Anonymous Sperm Donors – the decision to be anonymous or non-anonymous is entirely up to you and it is a highly individual choice. Learn more about becoming an Anonymous or Non-anonymous Sperm Donor.

When you become a sperm donor, you shall also decide on whether you want to have a Basic Profile or an Extended Profile. Learn more about these different profile types here.  

Learn more about the process: How to become a sperm donor.